John Goddard

Journalist and author

Flight MH17

You never know when what you think is a bad thing turns out to be a good thing. My friend Eddin Khoo in Kuala Lumpur (KL) had to cancel his planned World Cup trip partly due to an oozing right eye. For his return flight via Amsterdam, he was booked on the plane that was shot down over Ukraine. Here is his FB post:

“I was due to experience the World Cup in Brazil with my dear friends Shannon Teoh & Eekmal Ahmad. But several administrative screw ups, poor health and this incessant problem with my right eye meant I had to forgo the trip.

“My due flight route was KL-Amsterdam-Rio; Rio-Amsterdam-KL. The flight I had been booked on to return was MH17, departing Amsterdam 17.07.2014. The itinerary and invoice for the flight is still with me.

“I have encountered many surreal experiences in my life, but this leaves me very numb. Thoughts, prayers, empathy to the families of all those lost on MH17. There is nothing that words can convey.”



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